Monday, August 31, 2009

Beautiful Flowers

My mom, grandmother and grandfather placed flowers in the church in my honor on Sunday.
They were BEAUTIFUL!! So bright, funky and creative... just the way I like things :) Yes, if you look closely, you'll see the top of a pineapple...These are called "ornamental pineapples." Apparently, they ship in on a stem, already colored, and the arranger cuts them from the stem and can use them in arrangements! How cool is that??

I walked into the sanctuary on Sunday and commented on how gorgeous the flowers were. Everyone agreed with me. I went upstairs in the balcony to the sound booth to type in a few announcements for worship and our Minister of Music said, "Your flowers really are pretty." I said, "Who's flowers? I don't have any flowers" to which he quickly replied, "You need to read the order of worship-- they're in your honor." I was totally surprised.

Thanks so much mom, grannie and grandaddy! You made my Sunday so special!! The flowers were absolutely beautiful!! I love you so much!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A little bit of Randomness...

There have been many summers in my time when I've felt as if I had wasted 2 months of my life. There have also been times when I look at my calendar beginning in May and wonder how I'm going to get it all done by August. This summer started that way, but ended up being the BEST summer I thinnk I've ever had. I watched 2 of my best friends get married, traveled out of the country on my first mission trip, directed my first VBS, took my first youth group to FUGE, watched my little baby cousin experience several heart procedures and rejoiced in the fact that she is now healed, met new friends and spent time with old ones, totaled my car, bought a new car, became a minister to students & children, and much more! My summer was jam packed but I enjoyed EVERY minute of it!

I wrapped up my summer last week with a vacation to the beach. I didn't do much but eat, sleep, read & shop! One of the days was pretty rainy, so we went to see Julie & Julia-- PHENOMENAL! Such a good story! We ate at Cobalt, Ginny Lane, Villagio- just to name a few. It was such a great feeling being able to do absolutely NOTHING. The night before we left, I went to eat Chinese-- here was my fortune:
How appropriate :)

One night, we went to Villagio for dessert and I ordered carrot cake... I had no clue it was 7 layers... but OH, SO SCRUMPTIOUS!

Monday, I reported to MC for class but then celebrated my new job with two of my friends who live in Jackson now. We grew up in church together and always enjoy each other's company. We dined at Keifer's and then ended up going back to Lauren's apartment for a tour. These girls are precious to me!

A nice lady at Keifer's took this picture for us, but none of us were really fond of it... so we did the one below Lauren's apartment

I came home this morning from Jackson to find 2 surprises at the office...

a beautfiful plant!

The 2nd surprise was this note! It was stuck on my office door this morning from Mrs. Pat. She's a 3rd & 4th grade Sunday School Teacher in my department and one of the funniest, most dedicated, Christ lovin' women you'll ever meet!

I came home from work this afternoon and decided to tackle my closet! It was OUT OF CONTROL!

Before Pictures:


i wear waaayyy to many bland clothes... too many blacks and browns!

It looks so much better and I definitely feel better!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I love him, I love him, I looovvee him!

I have completely fallen in love with this song!!! It's been in my head all week at the beach-- needless to say, my company here at the beach has grown to strongly dislike it! I just think it's quite cute :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Just wanted to say...

from the beach!! I hope you have a great rest of the week!!

Please be in prayer...

Will you please add two of my friends to your prayer list?? Kristen and Ellen are leaving tonight to head down to NOLA and fly out early in the morning to Trinidad. They will continue to do God's work each day, just as they do in Meridian, only this time, they'll be out of the country. Please pray for safe travel. Not only because traveling is a daily risk, but because of the hurricane and tropical depressions brewing around the island. Pray that God will speak through them to the children and adults of Trinidad as they teach Sunday school and lead in worship. I especially pray that they'll be sensitive to the needs of the people of Trinidad and that they'll allow God to work through them as they lead others to Him. I love you, "K" and Mrs. Ellen-- be safe, have fun and be a blessing!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

What do these...

and these...

and these...

have to do with anything???

I'll tell you... I'm heading to the beach tomorrow!! Pray, pray that the weather will cooperate and give us sunny weather each day!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

So... It's OFFICIAL!

I'm now the MINISTER TO STUDENTS & CHILDREN at FBC. Tonight was made complete with sweet comments, plenty of hugs and...

great friends/ youth...

...and cake

with plates-- picked out by Drew (I told you I would give you credit)...

and car decor...

My cup runneth over!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catching up!

It was so nice to be able to take a weekend and catch up with friends that I don't get to see too often!

Friday night with Kristina

and Saturday afternoon... I was Betty Crocker. I'm not sure what caused the brownie making and then presenting them on the "Dress Me Up" platter-- just felt a little artsy, I guess!

Saturday night with Lauren D.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Just this week I've gotten a new car, a new camera, hopefully some new responsibilities at work (we'll find out on Sunday night), and next Tuesday, I'll have a NEW outlook on life from the BEACH!! I won't be staying at the beach so my outlook on life will technically be the same. I'll try not to post too much while I'm at the beach-- I would feel so bad if you felt a little jealous of my toes in the sand! I've updated A LOT today so keep scrolling down!

Happy Birthday!

I FINALLY got to see Harper!!

Last night we celebrated my Granny Poe's (she's really my great aunt) 74th birthday! My mom and grannie, Jesselyn, Erin & Harper (grannie poe's daughter, grandaughter and great grandaughter) and a family friend all dined at the Hungry Heifer! We always have such a great time with all of the girls in our family! Happy, Happy birthday GP! I hope it was the best birthday yet!

Playing with GP's bows from her gifts!

Grannie Poe, my Grannie and Mary Hope

Mom & Me

Harper & Erin

3 generations... Harper was in the next picture with them which would've made 4 generations!


Several of you have commented on facebook and said that you wanted to see the 393 issue that I was in. I'm trying to get several more copies to send to family and friends... but for now, this will have to do. A lady at FBC had this framed for me and brought it to surprise me this week!!

Sorry for the glare! KELLY-- this post is mainly for you! Tell Ritchie to stop laughing... I know he's losing control of himself about right now!!

The Big Move

Monday, I spent my whole day changing office, AGAIN!! This will make the 3rd time I've moved offices since I've been at FBC-- I only blame 1 of them on myself though. I am officially back to the office I started in and I LOVE IT! I moved out of that office when our Associate Pastor came. I was still a part time employee at that time and wasn't sure how long I'd be there, so Dr. Leake requested that I make my home in the break room. So, after I made the break room my "girly" home for a year, I requested that some work be done to make it a more permanent fix. During that time, our youth minister left to go to a church in Louisiana, so I moved to his office while my office was being fixed. When my break room office was complete, Matt (associate pastor) wanted to move in because he wanted the sink, refrigerator, etc., and I wanted to move to HIS office (my very first office) because of the closet space. Confused yet? You can't be quite as confused as the church office or the members of FBC... they get confused each time they travel down our hallway!! We are now in our new homes and I'm thrilled to finally be settled!!

From this... Matt's stuff...
To this... my stuff!

Summer wreath on office door... pretty soon, it will be time to place the Christmas wreath there!


My little work space!

I got this from Shana over at Rustic Creations last year at Canton!

I'm so proud of this!

I still need to find some things to hang on the walls and I'm having a HUGE bulletin board made that will cover a wall that faces my desk. But for now, I'm happy!