Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

So today is a VERY important day!! It's REBEKAH'S birthday!!

Happy birthday, girl!

If you don't know Rebekah, you so should. She's hilarious!! We grew up in church together and have many mutual friends! Rebekah is definitely a faithful reader of my blog. She's the one that sends me texts that read, "Okay Blogging Babe!! Do I need to give you something to blog about?!" whenever my blog is way behind!! So, Rebekah, you get your own special post today! I hope that your year is fabulous! Thank you for reading and for being a friend!

Side note-- the picture above was taken at Rebekah and Steven's wedding two years ago. I also was the lucky one to catch the boquet at the shin-dig... but um, so far, that boquet hasn't brought me ANY luck!! One day, one day!!Photobucket

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saw You At The Pole Rally

Last night, our church was the host site for the Lauderdale Baptist Association's Saw You At The Pole Rally. This is a time when hundreds of students gather in prayer and worship to celebrate what God is doing in their schools, among their peers and in their own life!
Look at this...(photo: courtesy of The Meridian Star)
Over 700 students turning toward the direction of their schools and praying for all that happens on each campus in the area!! Wow! What a great night!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm a Reality Television Junkie!

I LOVE reality television. I love a good competition and I think that's part of the reason why! So, after a really busy summer, all I was looking forward to was some good rest and relaxation in front of the television... only it was late July and August and there's almost absolutly nothing good on tv. Until this week!!
Ya'll I couldn't wait until Dancing With The Stars came on Monday Night. I cooked creamy chicken and rice casserole and some greens and settled in for a good night of entertainment. I have some favorites already for sure.
Kyle & Lacey- before DWTS, I had never heard of Kyle, but I had seen Lacey on So You Think You Can Dance a few summers ago. This boy has some rhythym and I think their personalities work so well together!! I think they'll go pretty far! I was really excited about seeing "Baby" this season, but I wasn't too impressed. I really couldn't even recognize her at first, and once I kept watching her, it hit me. This girl has had some MAJOR nose reconstruction. She doesn't even look the same. I know that "Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner" but she's definitely not in my corner of favorites at all! Oh, and Audrina and Tony. For the most part, I think Tony gets horrible partners every season. Audrina really surprised me. I thought she would just get out on the dance floor and flake, but she can bust a move!! Here's to hoping that they do really well!

And YES! I'm a Gleek!! But I wasn't one last night. I went to a football game for a few of my youth and the season premier didn't get recorded! TRAGIC!! So, I'll definitely have to find some time this week to tune in online and watch! I can't wait!!
And then tomorrow night is pretty darn exciting too!! Grey's anatomy left me in total shock and on the edge of my seat last season!! I have praise band practice right up until like 5 minutes before the season premier airs, but mark it down. My tail will be on the couch for the hour following! I can't wait!!
Are you a reality tv junkie? What are your favorite shows?!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Go Dawgs!

Well friends, you're about to read something that will blow you away! Ready?

I am a Missississippi State University Graduate, but I had never attended a Mississippi State University Football Game... until they played Auburn a few weeks ago!!

Oh, my sweet friend Joy and her family invited me along for this fabulous first time occasion and I had SO MUCH FUN! I was SO HOT, but I had SO MUCH FUN!

I know that so many of you have these EXACT same pictures or have seen them time after time, but since this was such a HUGE occasion for me, I'm posting mine too!

and this is the F-18, F-16, F-20 SOMETHING fly over before the game!! Ha... I so don't pay attention to those little details!

To my sweet blogger friend Megan, from the looks of your pictures from the MSU/Auburn game, we were sitting pretty darn close to each other!! I wish we could've met in real life. We would SO be best friends, I'm sure!

I need to take a quick little second to clarify something. Over and over for the past year or so, there's been a huge mix up for some of you little readers!! Scroll back up to that top picture of me and my friend Joy. I'm on the left. She's on the right. I have short hair, she has long. I work in a church, she's the editor of 393. We're both social butterflies and we just so happen to be great friends and act like sisters a lot of the time, but I'm not her and she's not me!!

I was singing at a funeral yesterday, and a sweet, sweet lady approached me and said, "Oh my word, your voice is beautiful. I LOVE reading that magazine you put out, but I had no idea that you can sing, too!" I was gracious, accepted the compliment and went on.

Back in the spring, I was in Walmart, and a sweet lady pulled me to the side to make sure that I would be coming to the Irish Festival to take pictures because she wanted that event in 393! I told her I would be there because I didn't have the heart to tell her that she had the wrong person. Then I hopped in my car, and quickly called Joy to tell her that I had accepted an invitation for her and that she better not let that sweet woman down!!

Don't get me wrong, being called Joy is a compliment in many ways... I just wanted to clarify to so many that we're not the same person!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Last Tuesday I was a complete baby!!

I had to go to the dentist and have a root canal and a crown on a tooth that ALREADY had a root canal and a crown! I'm pretty sure that EVERY tool, cream, file and powder that's laying on that cabinet in the picture above was used in my mouth for the ENTIRE THREE hours I had to lay still and keep my mouth open!! I'll tell you that I did have to pay a hunk of change to my favorite dentist... and I even have dental insurance!

I'm not finished!! When I finally got out of the dental chair, I had to go down to the court house and buy a darn new car tag!!! My pocketbook surely was/is hurt!!! My mother has NO sympathy for stuff like this. She says, "That's life!" Thanks mom!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jackson Fun Day

Easely Amused has impressed me once again! I treated these sweet friends for an art class for their birthday gift this past weekend and we had so much fun!

After we finished being artsy, we went to Newks for lunch and then headed to Renaissance to do some serious shopping-- okay, only one of us did serious shopping! Joy and I just window shopped believe it or not!

Oh, and then I happened to feel the need for a sweet treat so we stopped at the ah-mazing new cupcake shop in Flowood, GiGi's. Oh Sweet Goodness! These little treats were DEEE-Vine!

Ya'll, I took this picture off of the internet because my phone is acting crazy, but this is the real. deal. Heaven on Earth for a sweets lover like myself! You must stop by and visit GiGi's when you're in the Jackson area!