Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Top Ten... since Thanksgiving...

Sorry for taking myself a little sabbatical, but I've been crazy busy since Thanksgiving.

Here's what you've missed with my busy little life:
1. I WENT TO DISNEY WORLD!! Oh my word- I can't put into words exactly how much fun Sarah, Emily, Jamey and I had, but it was the best trip ever! Grannie and Grandaddy- thank you so much for sending us. We'd love to plan a trip to San Francisco next year, hint hint!!

2. CHRIS TOMLIN!! I got to run over to Jackson for a night back in December and worship with the best of the best- Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockles and Louie Giglio! WOW. That's all I can say!!

3. CHRISTMAS!! What a fabulous day it was to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It even snowed a little and made for a "white Chirtmas." I had a youth christmas party, family christmas stuff, friend get-to-gethers and all that jazz!! It was a jam packed Christmas week for sure!

4. Gatlinburg!! After only being home for seven days, I turned around and took my youth to the Winter Xtreme conference in Gatlinburg. Oh. What. Fun. This three day conference was jam packed with bands like Skillet, Francesca Battistelli, Newsong, Newsboys and Mercy Me and speakers like Matt Pitt, Johnny Hunt and Josh McDowell. This was such a fun trip. However, I came home ringing in the new year with a bunch of nausea. It sounds very pitiful, but I was in bed by 9:30 that night and slept late the next morning! Exhausted is an understatement.
5. MY CAR WINDOW WAS BASHED IN AND MY PURSE WAS STOLEN... in the church parking lot! Yep! I was at praise band practice on night, for an hour, and walked out to open my car door and see that a brick had been thrown through my window and my purse was GONE!! Go ahead and say it, "Why was your purse in the car, abby?!" It was a moment when I thought I could just trust the world I guess and I didn't think any differently! Anyway, he only got away with my favorite purse and hobo wallet, my makup and everything in my purse, but he didn't spend any of my money OR FBC's money because I had all the debit/credit cards cancelled. Just makes me mad! I had to have a new window, two new window motors and a new regulator-- it's been a long month to say the least!

This picture doesn't do it justice. I have the video from the security camera and everytime I watch it, it just makes me FURIOUS! Anyway, blogger won't let me upload it!

6. Harper's Birthday!! My big girl turned 2 this year and is funnier than ever! She had a story-telling birthday party because she loves books and I was busy making invitations and planning her little shindig. We even fit in time for Harper's new favorite hobby: watching basketball!! We've spent a couple of afternoons just eating mexican, watching basketball, having M&M's for dessert and having girl time singing and dancing in the car!!
7. Disciple Now- This past weekend was a ton of fun with all that was going on. I was able to join with other youth ministers in planning a worship experience for a little over 500 people in Meridian. This was a great time of worship, bible study and mission experiences for all involved. Here's my little group! I love them so much!

8. GO PACKERS!!! I don't know how you celebrated superbowl sunday, but look at this nice treat we had at our superbowl party! It was delish!!
9. Did i mention that I am moving?? MOVING OUT, that is!! That's right! I'm excited to announce that I have put down a security deposit and am moving out into my very first apartment! After looking at a house or two and calling about several apartments, I just decided that renting was the best option for me right now. I'll have to show you some pictures when I get my little place all fixed up! I can't wait!!

10. Oh yeah, and I've packed on another semester of school! ha!!

It drives everyone around me crazy that my life is crazy busy, but I might as well try and do it all now before I settle down!! I hope that 2011 is treating you all very well!!