Monday, April 27, 2009

Lauren's Bridesmaids Weekend

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the bride-to-be and me!

Lauren, one of my best friends, is getting married on May 15th. This weekend was her bridesmaids get-a-way in Birmingham. Not everyone was able to come, but those who did had a fabulous time just having girl time. We ate at Lauren's favorite restaurant, California Pizza Kitchen, on Friday night and enjoyed lunch at O'Carr's on Saturday. That was my first time to ever eat there and I was blown away. There's slogan is "Eat by Color" and every plate that comes out of the kitchen is BEAUTIFUL and FULL OF COLOR! I got the chicken salad and fruit plate and it looked like this...

so festive and so much fun!!

some of the bridesmaids at California Pizza Kitchen

Lindsey L., Jessica, Lauren, me, Mary Kendall and Lindsey O. shopping at the Summit

I had so much fun spending the weekend with you girls and can't wait to see you again in three weeks for Lauren & Alan's big day!


My summer is jam packed full of activties!! Beginning in May, I'm a bridesmaid in 2 weddings, singing in another wedding, going to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip and then it's all different types of trips with the church during June and July. I'm really excited about everything going on, but I definitely needed to take "a breather" before the summer gets here. Last week, my mom, grandmother and I took a trip to the beach... and it was fabulous. There wasn't a set agenda, we just did exactly what we wanted to do, which was NOTHING!! We ate GREAT food, layed in the sun and enjoyed every minute of it.

a quick picture before we went to dinner at Lousiana Lagniappe!

So... my mom and I wanted floats for the pool, so we went to Walmart to get them. I was just going to try and blow them up myself when we got back to the condo, but she insisted that we blow them up at the gas station... it was a tight fit trying to get them in the car.

Update on Harper Anne

Hey ya'll! Some of you still check in on my blog to see how Harper is doing. Her breathing had become more labored and she wasn't eating well, so Erin and Chad went ahead and took her to UAB to see the doctors. The doctors wanted her to have a heart cath done on Thursday morning. She did have the heart cath, they found she was enemic so she had to have a blood transfusion and the doctors didn't discuss the next round of surgery. She came home on Friday. I really don't know a lot of details, so you can check here for more information.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Woo Hoo!!!

For those of you that haven't heard, I will be traveling on my very first mission trip out of the country. I'm leaving May 21st with four other people from church and will be going to the Dominican Republic for eight days! There have been and will continue to be a lot of "firsts" for me in preparing for this trip. I've NEVER been out of the country, NEVER flown, NEVER tried to carry on a conversation with someone who really speaks Spanish much less sing or try to tell them about Christ and NEVER had to get a passport until now.

Besides getting shots, it's official. I FINALLY got my passport in the mail today!!

I didn't take a picture of the inside of this thing because it's not a good picture. If I would've known what the picture in the passport would have looked like with all those lines, I wouldn't have made the lady at Walgreens take my picture six times. No joke. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hippity Hoppity!!

Well... it was a fabulous weekend in Meridian. Family, Friends, good food, the Easter bunny and worshipping the Risen one!!
Friday, a friend of mine from church helped me hide 1,000 easter eggs for the Preschool/ Children's ministry egg hunt on Saturday. Friday night, I got to spend some quality time with two of my best friends from high school. Saturday, I had SO MUCH FUN at our church easter egg hunt. There were so many people there and God gave us spectacular weather.

And whoever said that the Easter bunny quit visiting once you reached a certain age was WRONG!! I'm 23... and he found me and left me with a wonderful basket of goodies.

A new beach towel, Dr. Seuss book, a swimsuit cover-up, hair clips, tide to go, candles, and candy!! Doesn't get much better than that!

Sunday was a fabulous day at church. There were so many people there and I enjoyed getting to see all of the kids bring their flowers and adorn the cross in the front of the church. After church, all of my family went to my grandmother's house for Easter lunch... and guess who was there?! Our Harper!! This was her first time getting to meet some of our family members. She was precious in her smocked easter bubble suit! PRECIOUS!!

Erin, me and Harper

My cousins from Birmingham and the Rebelette herself came too!! I don't get to see my cousins as much as I would like to, so it's really nice when we get together and catch up!

Sarah, me, Jamey & Emily

me and mom

Four Generations: Grannie Poe, Jesselyn, Erin and Harper

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Our family received some exciting news on Saturday... my cousin, Jamey, was chosen as one of the 2009-2010 University of Mississippi Rebelette's (the Ole Miss dance team). She and one of her best friends tried out and they BOTH made it! Over 50 girls tried out, and they chose 20. I'm so proud of you Jamey... but please remember... in our family, GO BULLDOGS is the language of choice :)

Jamey and me at Lamar Homecoming