Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hairspray... part one

Y'all!  I just finished having the most fun of. my. life. I was Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray.  I auditioned back on March 7th and since then, my life has been a complete whirlwind!  I found myself spending hours each night of the week and most of my weekends rehearsing lines, dance moves, and making so many fun memories!! 

Brace yourself.  It's about to look like this blog has thrown up with pictures!!  Are you ready?!  I sure hope so! 

Every night, for almost two weeks, there was a time each night when my hair looked like this...
 It was a work in progress I tell ya, friends!  People wanted more pictures with me with hair like this than they did with my normal Tracy hair!!  I look like someone that has just stuck their finger in a socket! HA!
 There were also times during the week when I looked like a troll... or the slim jim man!

Every night, my hair got a littler higher and higher...
In the next two pictures, the hair was measuring a whoppin' 13.5 inches!!!!!!!
You're not going to believe this if you didn't actually come to the play and touch my hair, but that's not a wig at all.  It's all my hair.  No bump-it.  No cups- just lots of teasin' and stylin' and hairsprayin!

Sometimes, we even played hide and seek behind it...
First Nighter's is always such a fun time for the play!  That's the night when everyone sends flowers because it's the first officialy night.  Then afterwards, there's a big party where everyone meets the cast, and takes pictures and stuff.  My friend Joy came and took some great pictures but I haven't gotten my hands on those quite yet!  Can't wait to see the whole cast photo though.  Anyway, thank you so much Mom, Randall, Grannie, Kristen, Drew, Joy & Terry, Lauren & Brandon, Grannie Poe & Jess, Mike & June, James and Alana for my beautiful flowers, jewelry and baskets of goodies you sent for the play!  I especially needed all of the encouragement and loved seeing them everyday in my apartment!!  Thanks for knowing how to make this girl feel so special!

Things were so rushed the first night of the play that I didn't get to take many pictures with everyone at First Nighters.  I did manage to snap these two though:
Me with Lauren (who was absolutely, positively more excited than I was that I even got the part!!)  She screamed at work when I told her!  Ha!
And Dr. & Mrs. Hermetz
Dr. Hermetz was my voice teacher for almost six years when I was in high school and college.  We spent lots of time together, learning many different languages and techniques.  He was always so encouraging and gave me the chnace to sing a solo in the opera Carmen when the Meridian Symphony Orchestra performed one spring.  It's something I'll always be grateful for getting to do! 

There are so many pictures left to share and so many things I need to finish telling you.  But that's enough for today!  I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get this up.  These pictures were all taken with my iPhone and I haven't had a chance to get the ones from my camera uploaded just yet.  But I will- soon :)