Monday, October 25, 2010


If you haven't gone to your local movie theater to see this... need to!! It's PRECIOUS :)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Most people would look at this picture and think that it's pure madness. Welcome to Canton! I can't stand to get hot or to be dirty, but there are two days a year when I dont' mind it at all. Canton is held the second Thursday in May and in October. The May market is pretty hot, but the October one is usually perfect!!

The picture above is only about 1/4th of the people. Canton stretches out a few miles... up both sides of the street, around the square, and down a whole other side! It's MADNESS!

I bought a few wedding and christmas gifts, but I also came home with two fabulous finds for myself!!
I had been in Turkoyz in Jackson a few weeks ago and found these really cool hammered charms that I wanted for a necklace that I have. You could choose from copper, silver or gold, shiny or matte finish, and then you could have them personalized. I wanted a copper teardrop, with my name! I recently told my mom to add that to my Christmas wishlist.
I randomly walked up to this booth and said, "Oh, mom, these are the charms I was talking about." The lady quickly told me that she hammered the jewelry for Turkoyz. She had a plate at her booth with some charms that she was trying to sell because they already had names on them. I loosely went through the charms and came across... YOU GUESSED IT!! A copper teardrop with my name (spelled correctly, too!) already hammered in!! I couldn't believe it. It was meant to be for sure!! I purchased that baby and have worn it proudly since!! Mom... scratch that item off the wishlist :)
I also went to another booth that had some artwork and bought my very first oil painting. This lady did FABULOUS work. She had every kind of canvas you can imagine, but her specialty was dogs. You can even send her a picture of your pup and she'll paint it for you!! I love me bulldog and it's sitting in my office... with my cowbell :)
If you've never been to Canton, you so should try and go!! Some of the stuff I don't even look at, but I love going to see all of the cool and creative things people are selling!! Can't wait until May!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to the TWUNKLES!!

My grandmother and grandfather have three amazing children-- my mom and her identical twin brothers Rusty and Randy. Just to clarify, my mom is younger than these two and NEVER got in trouble for doing anything because of the things that my uncles got involved in when they were younger! Rusty & Randy turned the big "5-0" this week and so we celebrated this past Sunday with a cookout! My cousin, Emily, gave them the new name "Twunkles" this weekend... because they're our twin uncles! ha :) Randy is on the left, Rusty on the right!
And here are a few of their baby pictures just to prove how cute these little rascals were!! These were on the invitations that we mailed out!
Randy is on the left, Rusty on the right in these first two. Rusty is on the left in this one! Aren't they precious?We had such a great time! We gathered at our house after church and had burgers with all the fixin's, good dips, and my great-grandmother's 3-layer strawberry cake that my mom made!
SISTERS! My grandmother (mother of the twunkles and sandra d.) is on the right. She's, by far, my most favorite person in the world! And on the right... that's our grannie poe, my grandmother's sister! She's the funny one of the family... and ALWAYS has something to say :)
Rusty's daughter Emily, my grandmother, Rusty's other daughter, Sarah and me! Jamey (Randy's daughter) couldn't join us for the party because she had some obligations at that other school, Ole Miss!Little priss pot, Harper, was in attendance too!! She's another favorite on my list! I'm proud to say that she's in the process of potty training... she's growing up!

I will say that I had such a fun weekend and should have gotten many more pictures!! I love my family and I love being together with them and I'm so glad that my mom and our TWUNKLES were born!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mine Stuff...

I went to bed last night watching the exciting rescue of the first two men that were stuck in the Chilean Mine and woke up to seeing more tears and excitement from the friends and family of these hard workers!!I had my doubts nearly 70 days ago that we'd ever see this rescue take place, I'll admit. But I am thrilled that this was possible! God, thank you so much for giving those men the patience to endure everything they've been though since August. With 90 degree temps and almost 90% humidity daily, I know that there were points where these men wanted to give up! Thank you for blessing so many people with the talents and the skills and the resources to make this rescue effort possible! You walk with your people and never leave them! Thank you for that!
Happy Wednesday, Ya'll!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


(click on the collage to make it bigger)
I know this is extremely late, but here are a few pictures from the MSU/Georgia game a few weeks ago!! I had a blast with my sweet friend Lauren, and enjoyed getting to see some friends that don't live in Meridian anymore!! Hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday!

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