Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Made "DeWyze" Decision America!

So, I'm definitely on cloud 9 today because my pick for American Idol won!! Over and over this season, I've looked at people and said, "You know, Lee might just walk away as the winner..." and I'm so glad that he did!! If you missed the finale, have no fear! Here's a clip of the last 4 minutes or so! Enjoy :)
Meanwhile, this week, I attempted to make my very first Chocolate Chip Poundcake. EPIC FAIL! I'm kidding. It tasted really, really good, but it didn't look so pretty. It stuck in quite a few places and it made this perfectionist really mad. I didn't even take a picture because I didn't like the looks. A little powdered sugar on top sure helped it's feelings though.

For Mother's Day, my mom had my grandmother over for dinner on the deck. She made this fabulous looking Strawberry Pie. It's a Paula Deen dish... so you know it was good!

On another note, look at this little cutie patootie showing off her fab dance moves!! You'll just have to turn your head to the side and watch because I can't get it to rotate! Ugh!


Monday, May 24, 2010

So Sorry!

It's been 18 stinkin' days since I have updated this blog. The last time I updated, I said that I would was "back" and that'd I'd be blogging more frequently. So sorry that I haven't stayed true to my word!! I've just been a busy little bee! I'm really embarrased though, especially since my blog went out for a "blisit" in the new Locals Magazine a few weeks ago, highlighting my blog and I've been so busy that I've not even taken the time to give new readers anythign to read about! If you haven't found a copy in Meridian, you can visit here ( online and view the new magazine. Check out page pages 14 & 15 for sure, wink wink!!

I will go ahead and tell you that Harper girl makes her first appearance in a local magazine and she thought she was a hit for sure whenever she saw it!

The month of May has FLOWN by! I can't believe that next Tuesday is the first day of June. Since I didn't get to go to Trinidad, I was able to spend mother's day with my sweet mom. She's been working really hard trying to get our deck and backyard looking quite cheery for summer. She wanted all things dealing with the outdoors for her Mother's Day gifts. So, she got a new patio umbrella, two hanging wall planters, and a gift certificate to Plant the Earth to go and get her some plants.
She's made the planters look fabulous!! This one has zinnias and this new-to-me plant called "Creeping Jenny" that I think is so cute and fun! I don't have a picture of the other planter, but it's full of "Mexican Heather." They're both really pretty!

Oh, and this past week... well it's pretty much been all work related. Yesterday we had our Baccalaureate Service. It was really sweet and was so special to me because it was my very first group of graduating seniors in my youth family. I also was called to "PREACH!!!"... okay so not in the big worship service, but last night in the churchwide study we've been doing called 'Externally Focused Life.' I can honestly say that I had a pit in my stomach all day yesterday and was so relieved when 7:00 p.m. arrived last night!

Oh, and last week was filled with some excitement since Casey James on Idol was sent packing and my husband-to-be, Lee Dewyze (yeah, that's never going to happen) and Crystal Bowersox are in the Idol Finale THIS WEEK! Oh, how I squealed with some excitement!! I really do like both of them.. I just really do LOVE Lee!
Abby = just a really cute pair!

Tonight, we're grilling on our brand new grill and staying in for a night of the Dancing with the Stars Finale. This has to be my favorite week of TV all year!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Different Plan...

Remember this post??
Well... my plans have changed. I won't be boarding a plane, going out of the county or getting any new passport stamps. My back has been giving me some trouble and I'm having something called "trigger point" done on Friday morning.
Please pray that this little setback will help me heal to the fullest and by all means, please still pray for the team that's leaving tomorrow!! They'll be working with kids at the orphanage, leading a sunday school, doing some construction and forming relationships with the people of Trinidad. I'm hoping to go next year for sure!!

Last Graduation

Please just let me say that getting to sing in the Riley Center on Friday was amazing!! I'll admit that I was incredibly nervous... legs shaking behind the podium nervous. It was so worth it though!

We celebrated my cousins high school graduation on Sunday at my grandmothers. Grannie has always given a big family luncheon in the graduates honor since my high school graduation in 2004. We've all had our share of picking the menu and getting showered with moolah, but now it was Emily's turn.

Here she is...

The soon to be Pelham High School Graduate!

Our sweet grannie!


Many people describe their grandparents in many ways... but we describe our grandfather in one word: HILARIOUS!! He's the funniest man you'll ever meet!

As we were watching Em open her gifts, Harper kept grunting and pointing at the cake and picking up her spoon!! That girl loves the good stuff!!!

My grandmother picked up a picture frame matte for everyone to sign. This is my uncle Randy's attempt at being cool... we guess.

Congrats "M" (For EMily)

Luv U!


Harper giving Dottie some love!!

This weekend was SO fun!! I loved getting to catch up with everyone. Emily, we're so proud of you and can't wait to see you walk at the end of this month!