Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's what Christmas is All About!

I'm doing a Christmas concert at FBC in just a few weeks.  I've been searching for new music to learn so that I could incorporate some new Christmas tunes with some of the old favorite carols.  I stumbled upon this video today.  Although it probably won't be in the program for my concert, I think it has a great message.  Take a few minutes and listen!

Merry Christmas, Ya'll!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Love You.

I have been doing a new devotional for awhile now called "Jesus Calling."  I have the actual book by my bed, I have a copy of the children's edition in my office and I even have the app on my phone in case I need to reference it and read it over and over throughout the day.  I posted something a few weeks ago from it.  My blog entries usually just consist of all the little social things I've been doing lately or me just catching you up on my life, but I love that I have the freedom to share what God is teaching me day after day, too.  Today I want to share something with you that I came across in my reading this morning:

"I love you-eternally.  Think about the awesome mystery of an eternal love- a love that began before you were even born, that continues now, and that will go on until long after your life on this earth is over. 

Some people are frightened by the idea of eternity.  They don't want to think about death, or what happes after it.  So they keep themselves busy with nonstop activity and amusement. 

But it is only by being still in My Presence that you can experience My everlasting Love.  And you need that experience of My Love to survive the storms of life.  When things get rough, knowing about Me is not enough.  You need to really Know Me- so that you can trust Me to get you through the storm. 

So be still and get to know Me better.  This will strengthen your friendship with Me- and that is the best protection against sinking during life's storms." 

Have a great Thursday, friends!