Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lauren D's Birthday Celebration!

Yay, Yay, Yay for Lauren's Birthay!!
Last Wednesday, my sweet friend Lauren celebrated her birthday! Lauren and I have known each other for as long as I can remember! We grew up in church together and got really close after she moved back to Meridian after college!
Lauren and I enjoy the same things. There was a time in American Idol History when she came to my house every Tuesday night to cheer and scream "Pick Pickler" every single time that Kelly Pickler graced the Idol stage! Lauren and I also went to see the American Idol tour the year that Taylor Hicks won... oh yeah, and Pickler was there too! Ha!
Even though Lauren now lives in Jackson, we talk frequently and see each other when we have weekend get cookouts and celebrate the birthdays of some of our friends!
Last Friday night, our sweet friend Joy (pictured above) and Lauren's boyfriend, Brandon, helped get everything together for a celebration. We ate, and ate, and ate again as we scarfed down her, you guessed it, "American Idol" birthday cake! And the gifts went along with the same theme!
Joy had this wonderful idea for us to contact Courtney from 'AngelCourt Jewels' and get Lauren something really special for her birthday. You see, AngelCourt supplied all of the jewelry for the American Idol finalists this year. So after Courtney came over and displayed some of her awesome pieces, we chose two things that were perfect for Lauren. I have spent a while looking for pictures of Shioban and Katie Stevens in this jewlery to prove to you that they've actually worn it! I'm going to keep looking. It's really cool and Lauren was speechless! She couldn't believe that she was wearing earrings that Siobhan wore in Idol Season 9!
After countless hours of socializing, eating and laughing at our goofy selves from attempting to play Taboo, we ended the night! It was so fun!
Elizabeth, Joy, Lauren, Terry, Brandon, Dylan and David, I had so much fun with ya'll! I still haven't stopped laughing from some of your words in taboo!
Oh, and if you're wondering, her boyfriend Brandon gave her tickets to go and see Carrie Underwood in Birmingham the night after her party!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Graduation and Birthdays!

Our baby cousin Emily graduated from Pelham High School in Birmingham on May 27th. She was one of 18 (I think I'm right) Valedictorians. A few years ago, her sister Sarah (pictured with me and Em below) was a Valedictorian, too! They're both really smart girls, and have big futures ahead of them! Today just happens to be the birthday of two special ladies in my life and that's why I included the picture above! My mom and Emily share the same birthday and we've always thought that was really cool in our family! I hope you both are having a fabulous day! I love you both so much more than you'll ever know!