Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weeks in Review

 A couple of weekend ago, Natalie, Melody and I headed down to Gautier to judge the East & West Jackson County Distinguished Young Woman Program (formerly known as Jr. Miss). For a couple of hours on Friday night, and all day long on Saturday, we sat through 29 total interviews, and and then two programs, one on Saturday afternoon and one on Saturday night.  Those were two long days, but we had so much fun! We were joined by two other friends to make up the fab five and we spent so much time laughing and talking and catching up with each other!!  
 And last Friday was Veteran's Day.  Lamar Elementary School asked me to come and sing the National Anthem and a song with their fifth graders!  Aren't they just too cute dressed in their patriotic gear?  We performed once for the entire Elementary School and once for all of the 'big kids' in the High School.  Thank you for having me Lamar- it was great program!!

And Last Saturday was the day for Christmas at the Highlands at Highland Baptist Church.  This is a fun day for women and local business around Meridian and the surrounding areas to come together and showcase their talents and businesses.  I've had a booth for the past three years and it's always a lot of fun.  I also like going back to my home church and seeing all of my friends!  I got to see a really special friend this year...

My 1st grade teacher Ms. Linda Farmer.  She came up to me and said that she read my blog so I thought it was fitting to get a picture of the two of us!!  I love first grade and I love children so I truly appreciate everything that she did for me when I was just six years old. Thank you Ms. Farmer for teaching me and so many others to read and write and for investing in the lives of so many through the years.  Most importantly, thank you for reading and for keeping up with the blog and praying that I continue to make a difference wherever I am!  

I am guilty of decorating my Christmas tree before Thanksgiving... so check back in a few days to see all of the cuteness around 2313!!

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