Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's Been "Pinteresting"

Thursday may be Thanksgiving, but it's already looking like Christmas time at 2313!! I've had THE best time decorating my first Christmas tree of my very own! 
and purchasing my first pair of Christmas stockings!!

 I've put a few little dates on the calendar for entertaining in my new place this year because it's so cute... atleast I think so :)  If you've talked to me lately, you've heard the word "Pinterest" about 12,203 times!!  It's my newest addiction and what an expensive, but fun addiction it is!!  I've found several different little projects that I've wanted to try and found some cute little trees on a pinboard.  I couldn't stand it until I was able to make my own.  So here's Christmas Pinterest Project #1:

Oh, and Ya'll!!  My mama!!  She's just turned into the most crafty person ever!  She wanted a sewing machine for her birthday back in June.  She started taking a few sewing lessons and I'm keeping her super busy.  This is the second table runner she's made me (the first one being a precious burlap runner with a big ole ruffle on the end... you know us Southern girls love big ruffles).  Isn't this darlin'? 
 And she even had extra material to make another pinterest favorite of mine... look at these fabulous pillows that she made for my chairs on my porch!!!

I paint canvases all the time and have always been pretty crafty.  My mom always has really good ideas when it comes to DIY projects, but I made the mistake one time of telling her that she had good ideas, she just couldn't implement them!!  Whoops!  Yeah, it was a mistake from the minute it rolled off my tongue for sure.  So... Mom... I take it all back!!  Now you can implement every idea we have and I plan on keeping you busy :)  

I hope you and yours have a fabulous Thanksgiving on Thursday!  Don't eat too much or spend too much on Black Friday!  Catch up with ya'll soon!!