Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap and Black Friday

Well the dreaded Thanksgiving Holiday has come and gone!  Ha!  Not really dreaded, I just don't really like Thanksgiving food at all, so the food part has never really been a highlight for me!  Call me crazy, I know!  

This Thanksgiving was filled with family, fun, and lots of shopping for me!!  Thursday we all gathered at my grandmothers for lunch and I ended up at mom's helping her decorate the outside of her house and her live tree in the front on Thanksgiving night.  We were worn out so we didn't get quite finished, but we got a great start! 

Somewhere in the midst of the conversation of the day, one of my cousins decided to claim that I am so popular because of my blog- which is a total and complete LIE!  I appreciate those of you who do read, but I, by NO means, think I'm #1, popular in any way, and #2, popular because of this little blog! HA!!  One of my cousins from Mobile chimed in because he didn't even know I had a blog!  He promised to start reading so that he could be kept in the know of what all is happening in my ever-so-exciting-because-i'm-so-popular little life!  NOT! Anyway, I promised Jim a shout-out so here you go:  


 This is Charlee Kate--- with her eyes closed!  That girl sleeps more than any other baby on the planet I'm convinced!

For years now, the Sister Girls have loaded up on Thanksgiving night and headed to the big city of Birmingham to do a black Friday WEEKEND! Yes, you heard it!  That's shopping all day Friday AND Saturday and then most of Sunday.  

I got almost all of my Christmas shopping done this year--- and I only managed to buy a couple of things for myself.  Look at this though---  TWO HALF POUND REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!!  Ya'll.  Heavenly I'm sure!  It's only $9.99 and I'm surely hoping Sandra D. will find one of these for my stocking!
 The weather was supposed to be pretty nasty on Saturday, so we decided to cover the Summit on Friday and stick with the Galleria on Saturday.  This year, we didn't leave until Friday morning and we were three girls shy on this trip, but we still had a blast!  The first stop we made was to one of my favorite restaurants, Chuy's.  Now, if you're from Meridian, think of El Chico.  Yep- the food is identical and SO stinkin' good!  
 We didn't really see any major fights, or any big crazes being bought this year.  But we did (or I did atleast) add plenty of new items to my already lengthy Christmas list.  As we were loading up this morning in the pouring rain I was able to snap a picture of the back of Mom's Explorer.  Now, it may not look like much, but all of these bags have about four other bags tucked away so that we could make room for our luggage.  My poor grannie was pretty squished on the way home because we had to lay down the back seats to get it all back home!  


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