Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mega Church

Last Thursday night I went to Memphis to a HUGE Christian concert at Bellevue Baptist!!  The Afters, Sanctus Real, Lindsey McCaul and Casting Crowns!!  It was fabulous.  

Two weeks ago when I was at Catalyst, my friend Peyton invited us to dinner and to go to First Baptist Woodstock!!  Oh. My. Word. Talk about a Mega Church.  This place was massive.  They had almost 600 youth in their Wednesday night service.  Their worship center is round.  If you walk around it 10 times, then you will have successfully walked ONE MILE.  It's big.  

So, last Thursday was the second time that I had been to a mega church.  Now, I'm not so sure which one is bigger, because they were both 15 times the size of FBCM, but they were both huge.  Anyway, as  we were looking for our seats, one of the greeters looked at me and said, "Now, mam, you can go in this door, or there are eleven other doors to the lower level of the sanctuary just down to the right of this one."  I totally just laughed in her face.  Anyway, it was such a great night!  Had so much fun :) 

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